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3 Proven Local Seo Strategies To Build Your Offline Business

Local Business promotions

A well executed local SEO campaign can work wonders for any small business accountant, whether it’s an established practice or a start-up. Getting the foundations right makes it possible to build a strong local online presence and with that can come multiple listings high up in the search rankings. Here are some basic tips to help get that solid foundation built.

Digg is not the only one that does this, there is Reddit, Stumbleupon and Delicious to name a few. By joining a few of these then you can submit your own blog or website yourself and draw thousands of visitors to read your stuff. There are also websites that will submit your articles to all the social marketing websites at once. For example, SocialMarker has all the top social marketing websites, plus more and when you join the website you can send your article in mass to all of them or just the top 10 if you choose.

So how do I get traffic to my website? Pay Per Click can be expensive, Article Marketing can be time consuming. Is there a better way to boost traffic to my website and increase my internet local business promotions income?

Facebook uses an algorithm to decide which posts to list high up in your news feeds and which ones to not list. One of those factors is on page presence. Facebook wants you to make posts by actually being on their site, instead of letting Twitter get your traffic and having the post just fed over. It hurts it in the rankings and it may not appear as high as the same post but posted right on Facebook.

Guaranteed First Page on Google

If you own a local business with a website, you really want people to be able to find you through the search engines. If you are looking for some good ideas for local Search Engine Optimisation, the following techniques will help you.

You could also help narrow down searches to your site based on your location. This could also be included in the meta tags and can be very useful in improving the ranking of your site online. This means if you provide window replacement in Atlanta, then you could use terms like window replacement Atlanta.

They rank this very highly in fact if you type in “your trade or service” in “your town. Eg “Restaurants in London”. The first thing Google lists are the 7 highest ranking Restaurants in London next to a Map. This happens in every town in every country. This should be a must for every business owner to try to get their business next to their map. You do not need a website for this. Google will create a web listing for you with your contact information and lots of other information about your business/service. Now you are attracting customers.

Another type of site that Google loves at this point is Web 2.0 sites. These types of sites are interactive and not static. Remember when sites rarely let you make a comment or take a poll? Well now they are everywhere. The search engines like the fact that there is activity on a site and that people are participating. These are both good for back links and it is something to consider if your site is static because if it’s new and static, it will never rank well.

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