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About Us

About Us at Marketing Tutor

Geoff Lord of Marketing-TutorI am Geoff Lord The Marketing Tutor.

I have been Involved in Internet Marketing for over 25 Years, yse you readt that correctly over 25 years. I first started working on the internet when it evolved from just a computer operating system way back in 1991 and prior to that I had been working on IT and Computers as early as the 1960’s YES !!!  the 1960’s !!  I was lucky enough to have been in the UK military in the early 1960’s and trained as Communications Special Operator which basically means I learned how to establish and maintain special experimental communication equipment for use in military situations. From those early days we were using massive machines to establish databases for use in mobile radio and telegraph vehicles. To give you an example, we used a massive 10 ton truck to send and receive signals, today a smallcheap low tech mobile phone would have about 1000 X more power than we had !!!

I can honestly say that in todays world if you dont know how to to use a computer you are in a tiny minority. However, whilst you may know to use and do certain tasks on a computer, getting a website up on the internet is still a mystery to most people, and to go a stage further, even if you know how to put a website together and put it live on the internet do you know how to get that website indexed? And even if you know how to get it indexed on the internet do you know how to get your website to appear on the top of the search results on Google ?

Our aim at Marketing Tutor is to do exactly that, yes we want to teach how to get your website noticed on the internet.

Join us as we go through the steps needed to get your website noticed

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