CTR Booster Systems Set Up By An Expert.

We will set up your CTR Booster.
We will install your new system on your PC or VPS.

Help with CTR Booster project planning We will consult with you on your goals and offer advice on "Best Practices" to run effective Projects.

You decide where to install your system. Our In-House Experts Have years of experience working on Clients PC's and VPS servers.

Help set up 4 projects to give you a head start. Once we have these 4 initial projects set up, simply follow our blueprint and set your own projects.

Help with sourcing Proxies and Set Up. We have helped hundreds of members with proxy sourcing and set-up.

Weekly checks to ensure your projects are performing as intended Priority support to assist with any problems or help with marketing plans.

Our Team Can Only Accept Ten New Clients
Per Month!

The Only Thing Standing Between You And Making A Start Is This!


Do you have the Skills and expertise to set up CTR Booster?
-If the answer is No! then let an expert set it up for you?

Do You have the time to spend setting up and going through a long learning curve on setting up CTR Booster?
Then Let And Expert do it for you! Save time and money whilst we do the work!

Do you have the experience to understand the difference between a Map Pack and a Knowledge Panel?,
If the answer is NO! Then you need the help of an expert to get you started and point you in the right direction.

Why waste your time and many hours of frustration and waiting for support to answer your question? Let an Expert You! You will be gald you did!

Here’s One Big Reason Why You Need An Experts Help!


CTR Booster is a very complex system!

It takes time to set up on your own, even with the help of the super set of tutorial videos and training available when you purchase the system you still need to learn how to set it up yourself and set up all of the different types of projects available to send traffic to your websites or Google Assets.

So why not let an expert save you all of that time and frustration!

An expert can have you up and running FAST.

Give yourself a Head Start and let an expert Set it all up for you and apply the "Best Practice" project settings.

You Know it makes sense!
So take advantage of "The Set Up and Go" Plan!

Does CTR Affect Ranking?
Quotes from a Google Engineer:
[…] “Using click and visit data to rank results is a very reasonable and logical thing to do, and ignoring the data would have been silly.
[…] It’s pretty clear that any reasonable search engine would use click data on their own results to feed back into ranking to improve the quality of search results. Infrequently clicked results should drop toward the bottom because they’re less relevant, and frequently clicked results bubble toward the top.”
Source: www.quora.com/Did-Bing-intentionally-copy-Googles-search-results.

Text from a Google Patent:
“[…] user reactions to particular search results or search result lists may be gauged, so that results on which users often click will receive a higher ranking.” Source: patents.google.com/

So one can only assume that the answer is: YES! CTR Works. Google wants to improve its search results by delivering relevant content to them, and your click-through rates allows Google to know your content is useful.

So, Its Official.
The more visitors you can send to your site, and the more activity you can perform on your site, the more Google will reward you by sending even more traffic!

So How Can We Help YOU?
By Setting Up Your CTR Booster For You!

What We Will Do For You:

A. Install your New CTR Booster!

B. Set Up 4 Campaigns to get you started!

Example Campaigns:

Campaign 1 : Generic Search

Campaign 2 : Map Pack Campaign

Campaign 3 : GMB Campaign
Campaign 4 : Knowledge Panel Campaign

You decide where you want us to install your CTR Booster, give us the Logins and your CTR Licence details and we will set up your New CTR Booster and make sure that it works as Intended.

We will then get you started by setting up 4 campaigns of your choice to get you started. You will then be able to follow the blueprint of how campaigns are set up so that you can then set up as many campaign as you want.

Once we have initially set everying up for you, you will then be able add or update additional projects by following the "blueprint" of how we have set up the those projects for you. You will aslo have full access to our "Best Practices" video tutorials to show you how to set up additional projects to drive even more traffic to your business or service!.

"Premium Support Service Is Included"
With the "CTR Booster Set Up And Go Plan"
You will also enjoy the Benefits of the exclusive "Premium Support" service which enables "Fast Track" access to one of our "Expert" Support Team.

One of our "Expert" support team will monitor your CTR Booster weekly to ensure:

A. You always have the very latest version of the tool running.
B. Your account will be checked to ensure that CTR Booster is running as intended
C. Your Projects will be adjusted to ensure continuity of the traffic generation.
D. Fast answers to your questions with help in solving problems and troubleshooting.

Just Looking For "Premium Support Service?

for just $49.00 per Month

You will enjoy the Benefits of the exclusive "Premium Support" services noted above with "Fast Track" access to one of our "Expert" Support Team.

Google Just Loves To reward You! Get Gold Cup Awards Every Month!

Google Loves Traffic

Google loves to see interaction on your Website.
By diversifying the different types of traffic you send the more Google will reward You!
CTR Booster sends Positive Signals to Google that people are finding Your site, clicking on links in your pages, and moving around your site.

The more traffic you send, the more Google will show your site in the generic Search results as demonstrated in the image on the left.

Send emails using GMail & GSuite, legitimately

We integrate the official APIs from Gmail and GSuite and you can send your marketing emails legitimately using your Gmail accounts for maximum inboxing.

500 a day per account for Gmail
2,000 a day per account for GSuite

In-built Spam filter words detector

loremipsum has an inbuilt filter words detector using which puts your email right into the spam or promotions folder.

It’ll warn you everytime you use any of these words.

Use The Techniques our Experts Use!

Why Waste Your Own Time

When an Expert Can Do it For You!

Get A Head Start With The CTR Booster "Set Up And Go" Plan

The Ultimate Set Up and go Plan to give you a head start Includes
All of The Following Features:
Done For You Set Up And Go Install Of CTR Booster
Done For You Set Up Of a Generic Google Search Project .
Done For You Set Up Of A Google Map Project.
Done For You Set Up Of A Google My Business Project.
All Done For You By Our In-House Expert.
Priority Access To One On One Support.
Advice On Setting Up Additional Projects
Detailed video training to show you how to set up and manage your own projects going forward.
"Premium Support" Package.
One Time set up Fee Value For Money Package.
Includes "Premium Support" for CTR Booster Campaign Management for just $49 Per Month

Give A Megaboost To Your On-Line Success With Your Own Traffic Generation System To Maximize Your Ranking On The Google Search Engines


CTR Booster Initial Set Up $149

Plus Priority Support by one of our Expert CTR Booster Management Team for Just $49 Per Month at checkout

 CTR Booster Set Up and Go Plan

Support By Geoff Lord: The Marketing-Tutor