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1 On 1 Support by Geoff Lord

1 On 1 Personal Support By Geoff Lord.

Generally Abbas Ravji and the Support Team offer more or less Round the Clock support for all of the products in the Abbas Ravji SEO Software and Application portfolio. However, there are occasions when regular support for CTR Booster and BSW is just not enough.

Whilst every effort is made to resolve members problems quickly and efficiently sometimes we may need more time to investigate what is causing a problem for a particular member, or it could be that whilst we may solve the problem and get the Application working as intended, we are asked to check other things which are not specifically related to the software itself, but more of a problem with the way that the member is using the system.

Regular Company Support does not cover this situation because it is the members responsibility to use the software in any way which they choose. Our regular tutorials videos,  “Trouble-Shooter Guides” and Facebook group offers help advice on “Best Practice” on how to set up and use all of our tools, and it is the members choice as to whether they follow this guidance.

There are also situations where members have set up their systems but they feel that they need a little help with “Tweaking” their settings, or simply want someone to review what they have done and maybe just “Suggest” a few tweaks or offer more professional advice on a particular plan or method to improve the performance of their projects.

We have been asked by our members on many occasions to provide this type of service but have been reluctant to proceed because of the time constraints placed on our regular “Support Team”.

However, recently many members have asked for such a service to be implemented so we have decided to run a trail to see if this is a service which is of use to our members.

If you would like to Book an appointment with me, Geoff Lord, please make an appointment on the Booking system below.


  • Michael Gravette I just had an incredible session with Geoff Lord. I thought I knew what I was doing with CTR Booster. Boy was I wrong. I am now going through and fixing all my projects. I was not using the Referrer or GEO tool among other things. He did so many little tweaks for me. Geoff Lord can't thank you enough.
    Michael Gravette
  • Yup a great thanks to Geoff , He goes that extra mile and I always learn something new from him, Geoff mate, you should make a video of your own on best practices.
    Jimmy Sandhu