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Increase Organic Click Through Rate (CTR), Time on Site (Dwell time) AND Reduce Bounce Rate using CTRBooster

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"Finally… a Fully Tested and Easy-to-use system that Controls User Behavioural Signals to Boost Organic Rankings" Boost Google CTR Increase CTR for ANY Keyword & Boost Google Rankings

Increase Time on Site Boost Dwell time & Duration of visit PLUS Reduce Bounce Rate

Boost Google CTR

Increase CTR for ANY Keyword & Boost Google Rankings

Increase Time on Site

Boost Dwell time & Duration of visit PLUS Reduce Bounce Rate

Mobile & Desktop

Send User Engagement Signals from Desktop & Mobile Devices

Boost Local searches

Increase Google Map Click Through Rate for Businesses

Boost YouTube CTR

Increase CTR for ANY Video & Boost YouTube Rankings

Direct Video Views

Increase video views, Video hits and Duration Time watched

User Experience is a Vital Part of Google’s Business That RankBrain Monitors. One of the most important functions RankBrain carries out is monitoring every single search term that takes place and seeing which results people click on.

This helps Google Provide Relevent Content that Users are Engaged and Satisfied with. CTRBooster Increases Click Through Rate (CTR) For ANY Keyword to RANK You Higher in Google When wanting to Rank in Google - Links and Content are amongst the Top Ranking factors.

This over-shadows less obvious yet still crucial factors such as user behavioural metrics Google wants to see
  • How often your listing is clicked on How long users remain on your site
  • The bounce rate of your site If users return to your site
  • Are visits being done on mobile or desktop devices Plus More.

This data is known as User Behavioural Data which is a key part of what RankBrain monitors. RankBrain is the 3rd most Influential Ranking Factor If you want to RANK in Google then you need to send the right signals that RankBrain wants to see.

CTR Booster allows you to boost User Behavioural Data for ANY Keyword so to send Google the right signals to Rank your site higher in the search engines. You will be able to perform:

Google search & clicks and Boost the CTR for ANY keyword BOOST Time on Site (Dwell Time) & REDUCE Bounce Rate Dwell time is how long a user spends on the website after clicking the result.

These metric is incredibly important especially when teamed up with bounce rate.

If a website has a lang Dwell Time, this signals that the site contains what the user needs. If the site has a High Bounce Rate, this suggests that it's not fulfilling the searchers need, so Bounce rate and Dwell time go hand in hand.

For example, a site with a high bounce rate but a long dwell time could suggest that the page contains all the answers the user needed so didn't require any engagement

So. If you want to show Google that your site is important and that it is getting visitors from generic and other search metric which you can enable with our system then CTR Booster is the tool you need for the job!


Geoff Lord and David "Goldie" Edwards
The Marketing Tutors