What is CTR Booster By Abbas Ravji?

by Geoff Lord

Posted on 2021-08-05 00:03:07

ctr booster

What is The CTR Booster?

CTR Booster is advanced software that generates organic clicks for your web pages and can also be configured for your Google Maps, Google My Business (GMB), Google Knowledge Panel or even your Youtube videos.

The CTR Booster tool increases organic click-through rate (CTR), dwell time and reduces bounce rate.

The slogan of CTR Booster is "Force Google to rank you higher" by increasing users' organic metrics through manipulation of organic SEO CTR.

How does the CTR Booster work?

After you have purchased CTR Booster and installed it on your computer, you will need to configure it according to the detailed instructions included with your purchase. The tutorials you receive are of good quality and guide you through the process of getting the tool ready for use.

In order to use the tool effectively, you will need to use proxies. See the tutorials page for recommendations on specific proxies that are known to work with CTR Booster.

Basically, the tool works by entering a target URL in the appropriate field in the tool's control panel, a few keywords known to be in the top 100 Google results, and that's it.

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CTR Booster enters the keywords into the Google search engine search bar and then performs a search in the Google search engine for that keyword. The website searched for that keyword must be indexed in the top 100 results in Google's search results or CTR Booster will not be able to find your listing.

The tool then finds the keyword in the Google search engine search bar.

The tool then finds your entry in the search engine, clicks on the link and starts visiting your website. After a while, it finds a link to another page on your website and continues to visit that page for a while. Finally, it closes the pages and records the visit in your CTR Booster dashboard so you know the task is complete.

There are many other settings you can make, such as the time spent on the first page of the website, the time spent on the second page of the website, and so on. You can also set how many visits per day CTR Booster should do and how many internal pages it should visit.

With the enhanced "Enterprise" version, you can also set it to run at certain times of the day, which is great if you are using the tool to send visits to a client's website in another part of the world. You can also set the tool to run 24 hours a day and run more or less in the background on your computer

Organic CTR is undoubtedly the most important key factor for SEO. When CTR Booster visits a website, it acts like a REAL human, identifying itself as a REAL browser and mobile/desktop device user, scrolls through your website, click on internal links, visits internal pages and causes all tracking scripts and pixels to load just like a normal visit.

CTR Booster can increase Google Maps and YouTube CTR using ISP level IP's. It emulates that REAL users of the system are doing the searches and clicks for you. CTR Booster allows you to search Google for your local keyword to find your Google Maps listing. You will find your listing in Google search "Map Pack", click on your listing and then visit the website link. This will stay on the website and reinforce ALL of the user behavioural signals.

How much does the CTR Booster cost?

CTR Booster comes in two versions, the basic "Expert" version for $97, which allows users to:

  • Perform Google searches and clicks for your chosen keyword to increase click-through rates (CTR) improving user engagement and boost website rankings
  • Perform searches and clicks on YouTube for any keyword to increase CTR, boost video views and views and improve video ranking
  • Local search and clicks for Google Maps to increase local Google Maps CTR, boost user behavioural signals and improve local business results
  • Smart pogo search & clicks that first visit a competitor (very briefly) before clicking the back button and then visit your own listing, mimicking the activity of a real human, which decreases bounce rate and increases time spent on your site (while negatively impacting your competitor as they see an increased bounce rate on your site)
  • Increase time spent on your website, scrolling on your website and clicks on internal links to increase CTR, improve user engagement data and increase your website ranking
  • Improve mobile and desktop signals to emulate search queries so they appear to be made from mobile or desktop devices (a must following Google's Mobile-First Index update)
  • Get direct views of the video for the duration of your choice to increase video views and viewing time (perfect for achieving and boosting YouTube's minimum views)
  • Increase Google Organic, Google Maps and YouTube CTR with ISP-level IP’s to emulate normal users.

The upgraded version is CTR Booster Enterprise – $127

  • Increase CTR on all of the above metrics Plus perform searches on ALL 3 major search engines – Google, Yahoo & Bing AND RANK on each
  • Direct website hits and clicks
  • Increase direct and referral traffic for any URL
  • Schedule and control engagement times
  • Have full control over share times
  • Accelerate speed and run more projects simultaneously, allowing the user to do more work with twice as many threads and projects at the same time.
  • Install CTR Booster on multiple computers and work on up to 3 computers with the enterprise license.

Are there any additional costs to use CTRBooster?

There is no cost to work with the software itself, but it is recommended to use proxies to work with CTR Booster, as it is important that Google searches, clicks and website visits appear to be made by several different users from several different locations.

For this reason, it is essential to have access to good, reliable proxies. The owners and support team of CTR Booster have carried out meticulous testing over a period of two years prior to the official launch to find the best proxies.

Each member is shown where they can access the very proxies they believe are the best deal on the market.

What support is there?

The CTR Booster support team used the software on a daily basis during the testing phase and have continuously monitored, updated and maintained the system since its launch.

The system was made available to a team of beta testers for approximately 6 months before it was deemed ready for launch.

The support team is extremely responsive and most support requests are dealt with within 24 hours, which is excellent for software of this type. The support team leader is known to take the time to have 1 on 1 session with members who need help, which is very much appreciated by those who need this type of support.

There is also a very active Facebook group, monitored daily by the support team, where questions and requests for help are answered almost 24 hours a day, with many messages being responded to within an hour.

In short, there is a reason why click-through rates are so important, and that is because they are an indicator to Google that actions are being taken on the sites that result in a conversion, i.e. a click through to other areas of the site or a click through to ads or products sold on the sites.

RankBrain is one of the top 3 ranking factors that take user experience into account. It monitors user behaviour signals (click-through rate, bounce rate, dwell time and pogo stickiness), so using CTR Booster will lead to better results and improve ranking on Google and other search engine results pages.

This is a top-notch product that is a "must-have" in every internet marketer's toolbox.

The Marketing Tutor and his team are more than happy to recommend this tool.

Access the tool via this link >   https://marketing-tutor.com/blog/ctr


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