How Does CTR Booster Reduce Your Bounce Rate?

by Geoff Lord

Posted on 2021-08-05 18:51:38

The CTR booster at Work

CTR Booster Helps you to Reduce Bounce Rate

CTR Booster is an advanced SEO software Tool that generates organic clicks on youtube or googles site search metrics according to our tests and monitoring the Statistics on Google Analytics and Google Console.

The ctr booster tool is designed to increases the organic click-through rate (ctr), the time-on-site, sometimes referred to as the "dwell time", and reduces the bounce rate. The CTR booster methodology is to attempt to force Google to rank your online assets higher in the search engines listings by boosting organic user metrics. According to the "Bst practices" which the oners of CTR Booster discuss on their tutorials, you would normally need to increase your click-through rate naturally and gradually over time to avoid leaving any telltale signs that you were in effect manipulating the metrics with a tool (generally referred to as a "Bot").

As a user of the tool, it is always good to see what other users think about the tool and there are some ctr booster reviews:

  • "At Last" a fully tested, easy-to-use system that enables you to control user behaviour signals to boost organic rankings”
  • CTR Booster allows you to control everything from visits, to the amount of time spent on-site, competition visits, bounce rates, timed search delay, the time between google page visits and so much more. It’s a complete solution, it even enables you to add your sites to an exclusion list so you cant accidentally hurt your own assets. ”

What is CTR Booster?

Let's begin by trying to explain how this works with the very basics.

CTR Booster is a special SEO tool that allows you to boost user behavioural data for the keywords for which your site is indexed on Google search results. Sending traffic to these keywords sends google the right signals to help improve the rank of your site thereby pushing it higher in the search engines results pages.

The CTR Booster

The ctr-booster is an innovative solution that improves the click-through rate of long-term campaigns thanks to Googles algorithms of deep machine learning. 

It had been on the "Drawing Board" for nearly a year and had been tested by his own team of beta testers for many months before it was deemed to be ready for a limited initial launch. Following the success of this initial launch, many changes were made to the way the tool worked and many new features were added following the responses and requests for new features from the users of the initial test launch.

Once the tool had undergone all these updates and been thoroughly tested by the Beta test team and then the initial launch users a much bigger launch was carried out to great success and plaudits from many of the professional reviewers and SEO experts who had "Jumped on Board" and found the tool to an extremely "Handy Dandy" tool for any SEO practitioner to have.

There are in fact, 2 versions of CTR Booster, the basic "Expert" Level is currently priced at $97 which is a bargain for a tool as good as this. With the "Expert" level you can:

  • Enable google search & clicks for any indexed keyword which will boost ctr, improve user engagement data and increase websites ranking.
  • Enable Youtube search  and clicks for any keyword or phrase which finds your requested video in the YouTube search engine which, in turn, will serve to boost ctr, increase video hits and views and increase video ranking
  • Enable local search and clicks for google maps for keywords that open a "Map Pack" result, which will then boost local map ctr, increase user behaviour signals and boost your local business listing results.

The OTO is for an upgrade "Enterprise" version of the tool with sells at $127 and offers its user many more features and methods of interacting with the search engines. With enterprise, the version will be able to perform all of the above plus those listed below 

  • Enable Yahoo search engine interaction
  • Enable Bing search engine interaction
  • Enable GMB (Google My Business) interaction
  • Enable Google Knowledge Panel Interaction.
  • Enables YouTube "direct visits" and "Play on Site"
  • Run Multiple projects concurrently (the basic version does allow this but is limited to a small number)
  • Greater flexibility with time settings
  • Enables "Scheduled Run" which allows the system to run 24/7.
  • Enables the use of a GEO Location feature so that the tool can find results according to locations set by you.
  • Enables a "Syndication" feature that allows other users to interact with your projects.

There are many other upgrade features that can be used within some of the project types mentioned above which the users will discover as they use the tool.  

CTR Booster will theoretically keep improving the ctr until the campaign each of the end of the present campaign. You can for example set the system to carry out 1000 searches over time and the ctr-booster will then complete that number of clicks according to your other metrics which you can adjust on your user's dashboard such as how many clicks per day you want the tool to perform, and how many internal clicks you want it to complete per visit.

All of these, and many other metrics are available on the user's dashboard. According to the "best practices" Ctr Booster adjusts to every single user needs according to their own unique behavioural attributes  

Best CTR booster software

Are there any more expenses connected with running a CTR booster?

Turbo Proxies

There is if you want to use this software in the long term. You will need to use proxies that work with Google and YouTube. 

It’s extremely important that any google searches, clicks, and website visits look like they are being done by different users.

Therefore it's pretty much essential to having access to good proxies that are known to work with CTR Booster Several proxy providers were tested by the Beta testers and they recommend them on their tutorials page which every member is given when they sign up and pay for CTR Booster.

I have personally been testing Mobile 4G proxies recently and can confirm that "Turbo  4g Proxies" work well with CTR Booster, especially if you are USA Based or do SEO work for clients in the USA

In Conclusion

The CTR booster was designed and developed by Abbas Ravji and when it eventually came out of his in-house testing phase it was a huge success.

Ctrbooster.Com is a great tool! 

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