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Learn to Earn with the Marketing Tutor

Are you ready, class? Then we’ll begin.

I have no doubt that your curious minds are asking what this site is all about. I shall explain.

Back in the mists of time when Internet Marketing was new, all the people of webland found themselves almost instantly to be masters of all they purveyed. Some called them Giants, others said they were Swami’s, but their more recent term has stuck like mud to them. They are the dreaded Guru’s!

Thus, ever since the Inter-Web and it’s markets have been ruled by the Guru class, it has become increasingly difficult to get any sort of good Marketing Positioning for yourself, and your efforts have often not borne fruit.

Then along came a benign spirit known as the FTC! It called forth commandments that prevented many bad practices, several of which were the stock-in-trade of the older Guru clans.

No longer can outlandish claims of vast incomes be made.

Gone are the dark days of the false claims and fake testimonials.

So here we are, in a new land. A land where in Internet Marketing, positioning your website has become just that bit fairer, providing you know how to follow some basic rules, and are prepared to spend time keeping in touch with the latest methods and strategies to get your websites indexed highly in the search engines.

What does Marketing Tutor intend to do for you?

Firstly, we guarantee nothing!

What we WILL do, however, is attempt to point you along a course, a well-travelled path, that can work well, provided that you are prepared to learn and put in the time required to make it work in your favour for a change.

We will also NOT lie to you. We are not selling you some Snake-Oil crap, some secret fast-track to become a millionaire. We are trying to give you a toe-in. A chance to get yourself in a marketing position that will enable you to generate an income on the internet.

Join us and follow along as we show the way !!

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