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Online Marketing Tips For A Great Business

SEO is a constantly changing art. You just cannot get away with it without keeping a tab on how the top search engines are changing their algorithms and treating websites and links. Still, there are certain things that are still the same and they are core to how websites interact with search engines and vice-versa. So here are 10 tips to get it right.

social marketing. The new trend on the Internet is that of social networking – which includes sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. On Facebook and MySpace, you can actually buy pay per click ads to advertise on their site and target users based on their interests! This is powerful stuff. Other than that, you can use these websites to deepen the relationship you have with your subscribers, customers and business partners.

Well, you don’t have to do that anymore. There are two ways to get traffic to your site. Buy it, or do article marketing. If you buy traffic with Google AdWords, you are probably going to pay over $1.00 per click and get minimal traffic. Article marketing improves your search engine ranking, and the # 1 organic (as in “free”) position on a page gets 42% of all the traffic to that page.

But remember, to really hear your customers, you’re missing the boat entirely if you’re not plugged into social media. Only a very foolish business owner considers it a waste of time.

Local Business promotions

Where to start your local Search Engine Optimisation campaign? It is best to hire a professional SEO company that has years of experience in this field. But, there are a few things you can start with yourself that 99% of your competition isn’t doing.

IF you want more happy customers (raving fans) then you need to take on ALL of the risk. But… won’t people take advantage of you? Some will. Most won’t. The one’s that do were NEVER your target audience anyway let local business promotions them go with a smile. The ones who stay… well, they are the ones who stay and will tell others about you.

The website spot is worth 10% so it’s important to get a web address of some sort. It’s estimated that even today, as many as 50% of small businesses do not have a web site. That will soon change.

Finding quality outsourced work doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can start with the simplest of tasks at the lowest price point in order to free up your time and then build up your budget as your business grows. Bidding sites can also help keep your costs down since you can find a good price for most work. Just don’t expect to get quality work for the bottom of the barrel bids.

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