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SEO Basics A Business Owner Should Consider

SEO For Business

Search engine optimization is part of every online business. In order to succeed you need to be found by major search engines. And not just found, you also need to be present in top search results. Search engines are getting smarter. This is especially true for Google.

It is very hard to achieve top positions for many competitive search phrases. All you can do is to optimize your pages in such a way that they will be found as authority pages with useful content.


Content is the most important factor to rank high in search results. But there are also other factors that determine your position in search results. Keywords, back-links, anchor texts, unique content, SEO tools and promotion are topics of discussion in SEO communities. It would be ideal for you to choose one of the ways or its combinations to get best results. Here are some of the SEO Basics for your online business website.


You need to submit articles on a regular basis that highlight the services of your company in an elaborate manner. In the end, you need to mention the URL of your company’s website so that people can visit and opt for any of your services. It is one of the effective forms of including SEO services in your advertisement process.


It is the latest SEO mechanism that will allow you to inform people who visit your website about the latest events and happenings that occur in your company. These blogs should be informative and short. Making them informative and interesting to read is the objective that should be achieved.

Back Linking

This is one of the advanced concepts that have gained much popularity in recent times. Seeking SEO services in this form has made companies more reachable to the public. The concept is implemented by producing hyperlinks to the keywords that are within the content.

White Hat SEO

It is one of the mechanisms of SEO that allows one to know how to implement search engine optimization procedures in an ethical way. You need to use an Analytics tool that will help you identify the keywords that are mostly used by an end user. The framing of content with the use of keywords or key phrases in a user-friendly way is what that is desired.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimized sites are getting more priority in SERPs. Nearly, more than 50 percent traffic is from mobile. So, a mobile-friendly website can improve rank slightly. So, open and check the pages on mobile regularly to confirm that if pages are working properly or not.

Active on Social Media Sites

Social sharing is the best technique to get clicks, visitors, and brand promotion. Post new images, infographics, and blogs on the social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to make people aware of your brand and services.


Write quality content of more than 800 words

SEO is directly in relation to content quality. If the content is of good quality, thereby website will have high rank but bad content can lead to a lower ranking. Long contents of more than 800 words explore your title in deep detail. Lengthy as well as strong content are the requirements to get success in SEO.

Killer Meta Title and Description

Meta title and description are part of on page activities and they are also essential to achieve your goal in the online industry. Google reads your website Meta tags by which it gets to know what is your page about.

Internal Linking

Internal links are the links which point to the same domain where the links exist. By this activity, Google came to know that which page is important for this particular domain.

Mini posts on YouTube Videos

Videos can attract many visitors as it is a more effective way of sharing ideas where people can see the reality and gain perfect information. But many people provide small posts in description part which is not suggested. You need to post at least of 250 words including your keywords in which you can target your keywords also.


Competitor Analysis

Competitor research or their analysis is the first step and implementation accordingly is the second step in SEO. So, you need to analyze from where the competitors are getting a backlink and you must also try to gain the backlink.

Website speed and Design

According to the latest algorithm of Google, Website design and its speed play an important role in ranking signal. So, the speed of the website must be less or equal to 3 seconds.

Link Building Opportunities

Link building still exists but you need to focus on quality, not quantity. It’s better to collect single quality backlink instead of quantities. Do various link building activities which have high PageRank and related to your niche.

You can benefit the most if you implement any of the above mechanisms in a consistent manner to get the best results.

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